Sterling Lass

Lost in my thoughts was I today,
Were you the reason?
Floating in a void through the day,
Adrift in your dreams million.

After a long time was I calm,
Weren't you the balm?
A bit relaxed and composed,
Widely awake, in your memories I dozed.

You have cast your wonderful magic,
Woudn't you make our life epic?
So much to say, so much to listen,
We would have lots and lots to beckon.

Floating around me was an wonderful angel,
Will she solve this timelss puzzle?
Who is this darling whom so much I revere?
The answer is simple - it's You dear.

I wondered and marvelled,
Whether it is meant to be?
To God Almighty I asked,
What does he think about you and me?

Dear lady, you make me smile,
Your companionship would make my life worthwhile.
Oozing with style, Full of class,
You are my Sterling Lass.

Sterling Lass
P.S. Dear Ms Morning Rose, You are the Sterling Lass.

Sterling Lass Sterling Lass Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Monday, November 14, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. They indeed have lots to beckon.

    This was crafted very well. :)

  2. So beautiful!

    Whom do you address these poems too?


  3. Interesting post, I am so glad that I have visited your site. Such a wonderful time reading this.

  4. Thanks you all. Glad you liked it.

    @Megha - This is for an enigmatic Miss, someone who may never read this.