Why This Kolaveri Di?

Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di?

Well, if you haven't caught onto the Kolaveri bandwagon, it is time. Since it debut on the internet on the 16th of Nov 2011, this song has gone viral and has earned numerous followers.

Why This Kolaveri Di?
What is this song all about? This is a song which discusses about the murderous rage of a girl. 

This Tamil-English song, supported by excellent music and different lyrics, has taken the web by storm. It is trending on YouTube. It was trending on Twitter. This song was seen as a strong competition and threat to Lady Gaga. Most importantly, it has bought the South Indian film industry into limelight and has been widely appreciated by folks across India.

This is a song about failed love. However, this song has also reflected the mood of the moment across the world. 

The entire world is in a murderous rage. (Well, Kolaveri means Murderous Rage).

Anna Harare (the premier social crusader in India) is on fire, pursuing the Indian Government ruthlessly for the Jan Lokpal Bill. All that Manmohan and his team can say is - Why this Kolaveri Da (Di is babe or lady, and Da is male for Di )?

The Indian citizens are "Anxious To Kill" (This was described as the meaning of Kolaveri by my friend). 

In a span of less than 4 days, a single man has slapped two high profile politicians. And like I heard on the news hour tonight, they have been slapped a million times with the videos being replayed continuously on TV. 

Next times the politicians will step out, they will be accompanied by bodyguards and a MP3 player playing - Why this Kolaveri?

Dhanush Shruti Hassan Why This Kolaveri Di? 
The inflation is on fire, and the prices of commodities (petrol included) are shooting through the roof. All that the common man can say against these prices is - Why this Kolaveri?

The Libyans are in a murderous rage. They have bought down the Gaddafi regime, killed Muammar Gaddafi himself and captured his son Saif. The Egyptians removed their ex President Hosni Mubarak from power, and are now gunning against the army to install a civilian government

The only thing that the military rulers can say - flummoxed by the attitude of the civilians - Why this Kolaveri?

The Why This Kolaveri Di Team
The list is endless. Singer Dhanush and his team have aptly captured the mood of the moment in this lovely song, making it a huge hit. Catch it right below.

It would be most worthwhile to note that this song is from the debut movie of music composer Anirudh Ravichander, all of 21 years. I just hope and pray that he gives excellent music in the coming years. As for Aishwarya Rajnikanth, Dhanush's better half, this is her directorial debut. The film "3" stars Dhanush himself and Shruti Hassan, and is all set to become a mega hit. 

Well, next time someone is in an angry mood or a murderous rage directed towards you, you know what to say - Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di?

P.S. I will be downloading it into my MP3 tonight. And playing it in replay for the next few days!!

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