Maverick Miss

This is a story about a Maverick Miss. Someone who is different, someone who is special and talented. 

Being different and exquisite doesn't mean being flawless. The world may notice the dark spots.  Yet there are several white flecks. After all, don't the sparkling stars shine bright in the dark sky?

I am a Miss,
Exceptional and Grand.
I live my life in eventful bliss,
My life is ne'er bland.

About me, the world is critical,
Passing wrong opinions, needlessly judgmental.
With my actions they may freak,
All that I am is beautiful and unique.

Chided for being different, 
Applauded for being special.
Why does the world jeer at me? 
When all they need to do is cheer for me. 

To the world, I may be strange, 
Whatever they say, I will never ever change.
My persona, they may try to defile,
I will always live my life in my own style.

The mortals may try to find many a fault,
Believe me, they cannot stop my juggernaut.
I pride on my mind lovely, 
I own my heart ritzy.

Talented that I was, 
And a bit frank and brash. 
I am my own boss, 
Towards my dreams, I make a dash. 

The stem may have some thorns, 
Yet the rose does bloom. 
All you may have for me is some scorns,
Yet I will bloom, my life I will groom.

Balanced is my head over my shoulders,  
As I traverse a path with boulders.  
For the world, I don't give a damn,
A Maverick Miss that I am!!

Maverick Miss - Rachel McAdams

P.S. Don't you see a hint of yourself in this Maverick Miss?

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  1. I love this!, thanks for blogging about it =)

  2. Though I do not see much of myself in this, I do see a few Maverick Misters that I know. :) Cool lines.

  3. Of course I do ... and I might add more than just "a bit." Good for you!

  4. Being different and exquisite doesn't mean being flawless...

    that is such a beautiful statement! so happy i found you through poets united!!!

  5. yes, be your own boss, and smiles.

    lovely sentiments!

  6. Who is perfect? We come in the shades of grey.

    Excellent post dear:)

  7. It was like a "Proud to be different"-Anthem

    Loved it
    n specially that PS part :P