A Bad Year For Flying

It has been a terrible year for flying.

There have been several horrific air plane crashes in the past one year - making air travelers extremely apprehensive about flying.

It all started approximately 1 year back. 

On 1st June 2009, an Air France Jet crashed in the middle of the Atlantic. It was on its way from Rio in Brazil to Paris in France. The flight is supposed to have crashed in severe turbulence caused by a thunderstorm.

All 228 people on board died - making it one of the worst crashes in aviation history.

In the same month, on 30th June 2009, a Yemenia Airway flight crashed into the Indian Ocean while attempting a second landing at the Hahaya airport in Moroni, Comoros. 153 people were on board. A 14 year old girl was the only survivor.

Just 15 days later, a Caspian Airlines plane crashed near Tehran just after take off - killing all 168 people on board

Only God knew what was happening - three horrible crashes in a span of 45 days.

The new year 2010 also began with a disaster. On 25th Jan 2010, an Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed into the Mediterranean Sea killing 90 precious lives.

Three months later, on 10th April 2010, a Polish Military plane crashed in Russia as it attempted landing in dense fog. All people on board, 96 to count, died in this accident. The then Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife were also killed. Many top people from the Polish political spectrum were also killed.

If all of this was not enough, just a month later, on 12th May - an Afriqiyah Airways flight crashed while landing at the Tripoli Internation Airport in Libya. 103 people on board died. A Dutch boy was the lone survivor.

Just a few days back, a plane crashed in Afganistan killing all 44 people on board.

This made me feel really bad - thinking about the several air crashes which we had over the last one year.

And today, an Air India air plane crashed in the South Indian City of Mangalore just after landing. 166 people were on board and only 8 survived.

All in all it has been a terrible year for air travelers.So many people have lost lives in this tragic accidents.

I strongly hope and pray that flights, crews, and travelers are more lucky and fortunate going ahead - so that their flights take off and land safely. Hope suitable measures are taken to minimize the risk for such horrible air accident.
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