Victory Day in Russia

65 years ago, after six years of World War 2, the Nazi Germans surrendered to The Soviets in Eastern Europe, signaling the end of the War.

This moment came on the evening of 8th May,1945. Thus came the end of the Great Patriotic War for the Russians.

Since then, 9th May - every year - is being considered as "Victory Day" to mark the victory of the Soviet Army over the Allied Forces. 

Check out this website which is dedicated to the Soviet Victory Day

To mark this event, ceremonial military parades are organized throughout Russia and the ex-USSR countries.

The one which attracts the most eyeballs is the one in Red Square, Moscow, Russia.

Red Square is the central square in Moscow, surrounded by The Kremlin , The St. Basil's Cathedral and the State Department Store (also known as the GUM mall). Quite an interesting combination, I would say.

In what is a first for the Victory Day parade, the American troops will march along with the Russian Army.

What made the Russians invite the Americans in one of their most important parades and national holidays?

Well, if some officials are to be believed, it was the fact that the Americans were a part of the "Anti-Hitler coalition". Although the reasoning is justified, it does have its own critics.
Hope these things don't overshadow the actual mega parade.

This website offers an interesting question and answer information on the V Day parade.

A great archived video of the first Victory Day parade can be seen here - courtesy YouTube

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