What Makes Twitter Successfull?

First it was Orkut. And then Facebook.

But recently Twitter has taken the online world by storm. 
Made me wonder, what made Twitter a grand success in this cramped online world?

Jotting down a few reasons, which I think contributed to it's success.

1. An uber cool and elegant interface.

2. Something on your mind?

    "Tweet" it. Share it with your friends, friends of friends and the world!!

3. Tweets can't be more than 140 characters.

    This made reading short, simple and sweet.

4. Facebook and Orkut are social networking sites. Every individual who registered with these websites shared a lot of personal and social information. 

    Twitter was devoid of this feature - making it a huge success with celebrities.

5.  Fan following or Celebrity following was deeply embedded in the culture of the common man - who is always looking for heroes. Some of us even try to make our lifestyle similar to our heroes.

    Twitter scored a perfect 10 on this point. It gave you an opportunity to follow and track your celebrities. And you could do this at the click of a link (no confirmations required).

     It gave you a peek into their lives. What more could you ask for? 

6.  Celebrities have an inherent style of bragging about their followers and fans.  

     Twitter gave them an opportunity to show their mass following. They made their profiles available in the public domain. The fans started following them. 

     Net result - A lot celebrities with millions of followers. This increased the Twitter network.

7.  Everyone likes to be heard. 

     "Tweeting" made this possible.

8.  Some people are good listeners. They can just spend their time listening to other people talk.

     "Following" made this possible.

Catch more information on the Twitter network here.

A few notable points which stand out about this company are
1. It employs only 141 people

2. It has revenues of only approx 0.4 Million USD.

Does it have the potential to grow further? An grow by leaps and bounds?

I think yes.

What do you think?

And are you tweeting?
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