Attractive Hairstyles

Is she Jennifer Aniston or is she Rachel Green?

All of you must be aware of the Jennifer's avatar "Rachel Green" from her hit sitcom "Friends".

As Rachel won the hearts of millions of TV viewers across the world, her stylish hairstyle became one of the most fancied haircuts in the women's world.

Read this interesting article about how hair cuts become a rage after certain celebrities or public figures showcase them. 

Have a look at some smashing hairstyles for girls - which go a long way in increasing their "attraction quotient".

Small hair should never be a disappointment. Style them attractively as this pretty lady has done it. And the girl will be the focus of the attention.

Next comes the "Medium Length Hair Hairstyle". The hair - commonly neck length - can be styled attractively as Kate Winslet has done. The curls around her face make her look all the more attractive.

The "Long Length Hair Hairstyle" comes next. This gives the largest options to style the hair. Making them look enticing is all the more easy.

Letting your hair down? This one is for the wedding day. Makes a girl look extremely pretty on her D-day.

For formal occasions, long hair - like Angelina's - can be styled in an alluring fashion. Tying them short makes them look formal - but that doesn't stop it from becoming stylish.

Last but not the least, check out this "Messy Hairstyle". This can double up as a formal hairstyle. It also gives an charming look to the face. This style looks to be a best shot for a party.

If you are interested in similar such hairstyles, check out this website.
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  1. I loved the last one ... (hair style)

  2. kya baat hai!! :) hairstyles!!...but yeah...jen(rachel) has been quite a hit with all her hairstyles.... :)

  3. Lagtaa hai aaj kal to hot shot hairstyles ke analysis mein lagaa hai :P , teri BUddhi ka style bhi daal de :)

  4. Hey! u commented on my hairstyles post.

    u've written a nice post on hair! never saw anybody else writing such stuff! esp a boy!

    I see u have a lot of interest in fashion. you are in what profession?



  5. Hey Restless

    Thanks for the kind words of appreciation.

    I do have interest in fashion. And I'm a software programmer by profession :-)


  6. I am so amazed by your wealth of knowledge on how you deal with your hair. I am wishing that I can do the same. However, I cover my beautiful long natural hair with a blonde wig to hide my eczema. I wish to take this time to say, "Thank you ".

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