Barbara Mori

Barbara Mori is making news - just about everyday - in India. And that has been the case for the last six months.

Whats the occasion? 

Her first Indian film - "Kites" - is scheduled to be released in India and across the world in two weeks time. 

And why is Barbara gaining all the attention?

First of all, she isn't an Indian. She is a Mexican actress. And an actress from a foreign shore, working in an Indian film, does garner attention.

And secondly, she is a stunner, to say the least.

This picture would make you wonder how old (or rather young) is she?

Well, she is in her 30s - 32 to be precise. This is way off the traditional Indian actresses - who start acting when they are teenagers.  However, she is beautiful enough to give the others a run for their money. Everything depends on the success of her film.

Her recent interview in the Sunday Times of India made me realize that she is more than an eye candy.

Indian actresses, and to a certain extent the English actress too, are usually very careful about revealing their marital status. They fear that their market value would decrease if people know that they are married. And most of them retire when they are blessed with a kid. 

Barbara is different. She isn't married - but has a kid. She is a single mother, which she says is "quite normal" in her country.

This is what she had to say about this point.

I have a child though I am not married, which is not a problem at all for me. My son is the most beautiful thing to happen to me. He is my friend and my life revolves around him. I would like to tell other single mothers - why should you make compromises with your life just because of the society? Live for yourself and, if you have a child, for him.

So here is Ms. Mori, openly talking about her personal life, without having any fear of it's impact on her first Indian professional endeavor. Very Brave, I would say.
Well, she has been quite brave - being a survivor of cancer. She was detected of having breast cancer at the age of 29. Luckily for her, it was detected in time. She had her treatment and is now cured.

This is what she had to say about the learning from this tough phase in her life. 

Women should go for checkups regularly so cancer can be detected in time and be cured early.

Catch the complete news interview here.

And in an interesting tidbit, some people think Barbara Mori looks similar to the Hollywood rage Megan Fox.

Only time will tell whether Barbara manages to achieve the same level of fame, and possibly fortune, as her esteemed look alike. Wishing Barbara lots of luck for her debut film.
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  1. Oh, I personally find her cute. And charming!

  2. Actually, Megan Fox looks like Barabara Mori, because Megan Fox's eyes are contacts and Barbara Mori's eyes real. Fox was trying to achieve a more striking/exotic look, but like everything else about her...not God given.