Perfect 10

What is Perfect 10(Ten)?

You must have heard about the sport of Gymnastics.

Well - the official definition is as below :

Gymnastics is a physical exercises designed to develop and display strength, balance, and agility, especially those performed on or with specialized apparatus.

Well, the sport of Gymnastics is a an Olympic Sport. The Europeans and the Russians are considered to be good in gymnastics.

If you have a sport, you need to have a scoring system.

Gymnasts - after their performance in their respective events were rated on a scale of 10. 

And whenever a gymnast gave an exceptional performance which was superbly appreciated by all the judges, she/he got a score of 10. This was the "Perfect 10".

There are several gymnasts who have reached a Perfect 10 over the past 100 years. Get the complete details here.

However, one person is often attributed with making the words - Perfect 10 - famous.

She is none other than Nadia Comaneci - a Romanian gymnast.

In the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, she scored a Perfect 10 in her event - the uneven bars. Thereby she became the first gymnast to score a Perfect 10 in the Olympics.

Quite often, this phrase has been used to signify that someone has achieved something in totality.

Finally, why did these thoughts about Perfect 10 rush though my mind on a lazy Sunday morning?

Well, I am aiming for 31 posts on my blog in the Month of May 2010. If I am successful, would it be called a Perfect 10? Or shall I say, a Perfect 31?

Until then, fingers crossed!!
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