What Makes You Special?

What makes you special?

So special that it would be difficult to give words to the thought.  Yet it is that unknown something which urges me to make an humble attempt to give it a try. And that in itself shows why you are so important.

Words would not do justice to the thoughts. Reams of pages would not be sufficient extol you. There aren't enough kind words to praise you.

I admire you for all that you are, and I hope you remain that way - forever. Appreciation will not know any boundaries for you. 

What Makes You Special
A foolish man that I am, I tried to measure your worth. You cannot be quantified in silver, gold or diamonds. Simply saying, you are priceless.

Maybe two words will say it all - you are exceptional and invaluable.

This post is short. Maybe the shortest. It's directly opposite to who you are - wonderful, marvellous and grand.

P.S. This from my drafts, written for someone special. However, my poor memory does not recollect the person for whom I wrote this piece. 
You Are A Special Person
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  1. Hey Venky, this is simple yet so bingo kinda thing.............straight to the point. Godd work. :)))

  2. Thanks Simran and Ashwath Bhai :-)

    These are rumblings of an idle mind :-)

  3. Nice ! Lol on not remembering that 'special person'.
    Thanks Venkatesh .

  4. What makes you special? That's the tagline of the company I work for. So I'm tempted to say IBM but I wont :)

    I'm special because I am what I am. No pretence no hypocrisy. And also because I have the gift to write, just like you do.

    And forgetting the person whom you wrote this for is so not good :D

  5. Simple yet very deep. I like the style of your writing. First time here and I enjoyed my coming here.

  6. Thank You Kavita, Soumya and Ashwini.

    Welcome to my blog and glad to have you here :)