My Sweet Posion

Stunning were your thoughts,
With mind of an angel.
Amazing you were and kind,
My precious jewel.

Vivacious to the hilt,
Impressive I could say the least.
Thrilling and mesmerising,
Adaptable you were, my darling.

You were in love completely,
Me out of it dear.
What united us senselessly,
It was lust, I fear.

For You I Lust
You escaped into me,
I accepted you willfully.
We wonder whether it was meant to be,
As we shared those moments lovely.

With words engaging and beautiful,
We weaved a tapstry of delight.
In each others love we drool,
As I surrender to your beauty might.

Mesmerising Beauty
You will miss me madly,
As I think about you shamelessly.
Don't miss me my dear,
For I will be in your mind and near.

You crave for me,
I am your addiction.
I love you sweetie,
You are my sweet poison.

My Sweet Posion
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