I'm Sorry

It is not often that you meet someone who you think would interest you. Someone who could enchant you. Someone who could hold you in rapt attention. In fact, it is extremely rare to cross paths with such a beautiful mind

Needless to say, I consider it a God's blessing to meet Your Highness. 

It was good fate that made us meet. Good fortune can come in the most unusual of the circumstances. And unfortunately, in some of these circumstances, you take actions which reveal your weaknesses. 

It was one such feeble moment, when I had to lie...to meet you, to talk to you, to know you better. And this has weighed on my mind since then, till now. 
I Am Sorry
The fear of losing you held me back from telling you the truth. It was on those quiet moments that I reflected on the dreadful thought of telling you the actual situation. 

It is this very fear of losing you which makes me share my reality. 

I beg your forgiveness for my frail moment. I'm sorry for hurting you. 

It was our fortune that made us cross paths. And I can only pray to Him to mould our destiny

I Am Really Sorry
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  1. Now I just can't believe this is a piece of fiction. Anyways, it is one amazing piece of writing as usual.:)

  2. Wow , a beautiful expression! It moves a reader. I want to copy paste this one and post it in my blog.Seldom does a man write having this thought.

  3. @Simran - You are right. It is not fiction. :-(

    @Angel - Yes, you can repost it. Glad you consider it worthwhile.
    I would be happy if you could accredit it.