Every Post Is A Winning Post

Some twenty eight years back, I did not know that I had entered a race track. A never ending race track. Like one of those never ending staircases you would have seen in "The Inception".

Time and again , I  saw winners around me. They were hugely talented and had loads of skills. Someone was a wonderful painter and someone a gifted musician. Someone was an elegant dancer or other a champion sportsman. The list was endless. Their accomplishments were majestic.

Appreciation was the order of the  day, supported by great recognition. Some of them were born with it. Others worked towards it. Whatever may be the case, they possessed that skill which made them a winner.

Gifted Child
I admired them. And I wished I was one among them. 

Awards were common for them. And they crossed milestones after milestones. For me, an award was as rare as a rain shower in a sizzling desert. Well, I did not complain. Instead I cherished that rare moment. 

Time passed. The sun set and rose again, and again. The story repeated time and again. The world won not once, but many many times. And for the world, I was just an "Also Ran". 

As an afterthought, being an "Also Ran" is not a bad thing if I look at all the posts I crossed with pride and happiness, and thank God Almighty for all this blessings. And most importantly, believe in that one adage - Every post is a winning post!!

Every Post Is A Winning Post
P.S. I planned to title this post as "Also Ran". My mind convinced me to change the title to the current one at the last moment. It's always better to finish with a positive note. :-)
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  1. It's really really nice and encouraging. Good Going!!!

  2. This is a real Genuine Post Boss.. Amazzinngg

  3. High on positivity! Rare to find posts like this oflate. Beautiful!


  4. Agree commpletely! Well composed. Change of title is very apt - "Every post is a winning post" . Definitely!

  5. I liked your line a lot! "every post is a winning post!" mind if i borrow it for my next post on blogging?;p

  6. Love the thought....very optimistic and why not?

  7. Thank You Saru, Santosh, Soumya, Ashwini, Mishi and Alka. Glad that we are all in the same boat of positiveness!!

    @Mishi - Yes, definitely you can use it :)