If God offered me one chance to rewind something, needless to say, it would have been Time.

Just a few days back, someone told me - "Life gives us the experience first, then the lesson." Thank you "A" for sharing that vital lesson. We discussed many things, but this thought has been etched in my mind.

I wonder, is there is any way we can reverse that order? The answer is a No.  Hope it was a Yes. Wish it was a Yes.

The only thing that we can attempt is to learn from the lesson so that we can attempt to create a better experience next time. 

Alternatively, we can only pray to God Almighty to rewind Time. How I wish that God Himself would answer this prayer.

Let me delve into the deep, thoughtful world of how and why I would love to Rewind back my time.

I would like to be a little child again, innocent and cut off from the world of realities. I would love to spend all my time sleeping, playing, doing nothing. And maybe learning to walk again. And learning to speak again.

I would like to that little going school boy, learning new things everyday. Maybe I would pay more attention in the classes, now that I know that some of those teachings will be useful. 

I would try to excel at sports, and some other extra curricular activities. That way, I would try to be a more versatile somebody. Well, it may or may not help me directly in the future. But hopefully, it would help shape my personality.

And then I would definitely like to bring back my old college days. Reflecting back, I would love to be more care free. And of course, learn a bit more. 

Contemplating Mind
It would be worthwhile to contemplate on whether I should go in for higher studies. Importantly, not only procrastinate, but actionise it equally well.

Most importantly, I would love to create relationships. And maybe mould relationships. And simply prevent them from getting lost in the sea of acquaintances.

How I wish I could  have asked some of those questions I didn't ask. And How I hope I could have buried some of the pondering questions in my deep, dark mind rather than letting them come out of my silly lips. 

I would have loved to ensure that somehow I don't end up possessing some bad qualities I own now. And I wish that I could possess some other good qualities I lack now.

My My, I have so many wishes. So many dreams. So many things I could have done differently. 

I have been silly at best, and how I wish I could simply rewind.

My heart sang a chime,
Can I rewind the time?
Chances of it were grim,
Wish God could realise my whim.

Can I change my past,
Recast my history vast?
Remould my life some,
It's simply impossible, I should fathom!!

Can I Rewind My Life? Oh No, I have just started.
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  1. sigh!! if wishes were horses...

    on second thoughts, perhaps the trip down memory lane is so dear to us only because we cant reach the same point again.
    had we been able to, probably we would have taken it for granted :)

  2. hmm... I wish i could rewind my time as well!! All those lovely moments are now into memories.. Only way to live is to live life to the fullest in the present moments :))

  3. wow i read few of ur poetry ...wonderful way of writing :)
    very nice ..keep writing & smiling always :)