Give Me A Chance

A moment of foolishness,
A moment of weakness.
It resulted in repentance,
I am full of penance.

I behaved poorly,
I am sorry for being fictive.
I seek your apology,
And beg you to forgive.

I want to bury the demon,
I am sorry again.
I request your pardon, 
Only if we could start over again.

I request your kindness,
And your greatness. 
I want to walk on a path new with strong values,
And color our white life with multiple hues.

I would keep your trust,
And would keep my principles robust.
I would keep my conscience clear,
It's my small promise dear.

Give me a chance

Give Me A Chance Give Me A Chance Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Sunday, July 03, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. The only act of accepting your mistakes forgives a person.

    Weakest Link:)

  2. Beautiful and honest.
    A masterpiece. :)

  3. Writer ,your expressing humility , it's a virtue,

  4. Agree with you Rachit. But sometimes, there is no forgiveness. :-(, as it was in the case which prompted me too write this one.

    Thanks Jojofeelings and Angel. It was reflection of my mind.