Meandering Sadness

A dark night, 
On a cold bed,
Loneliness held me in a fright, 
My eyes swelled with tears red. 

Tossed and turned, 
Shook my nervous head. 
My heart felt burned, 
Feared as I looked ahead.

Like a baby small, 
I curled up within. 
My heart did yawl,
Felt sombre and grim.

The world raced, 
I lagged behind. 
My life felt debased,
My soul went through a grind. 

Felt hapless and pathetic,
And a tad disappointed.
I lived a life rustic,
And self knotted.

Reflected on my weak moments, 
The mistakes that I did commit. 
My heart did felt the torments, 
It shuddered and felt affright. 

I pray to God Almighty, 
To give me love and confidence.
I say a small prayer simply, 
Promising to have a clear conscience.

I look up to the skies
Sense the opportunities infinite.
He says, You will definitely arise,
 And color your life white.

Sad To Bed
This poem is a result of inward reflections on a lonely Saturday night. Moments like this are always a bit sad and poignant. Yet, Hope always floats.
Meandering Sadness Meandering Sadness Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Wednesday, July 06, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. What a wonderful way to show that when things seem so bad, that you're lost, down in the dumps, there are ways to seek and find inspiration.

  2. A dark night, On a cold bed: what a wonderful and creative lines.

    Superb creativity woven to explain loneliness.

  3. Writer , it must be that painful for the tears are red .That will pass ,that's part of being in love! You'll get over with it! cheers!

    P.s. can i repost your blog ,I'm sorry,july 01 in my blog? I found it beautiful.Thanks !

  4. @Larry, Neeraj and Angel - It is indeed difficult in such moments, especially if you alone.

    And hope is all that we can do, blessed by God Almighty.