Matchless Miss

You are a lady lovely,
Stylish and priceless,
With a aura starry,
You held me breathless.

I'm lucky that I met you,
I don't want to wish you adieu,
You are too good to be true,
Only if I could pursue you.

Your company is bliss,
Without you my life is amiss,
You are a Matchless Miss,
I give you a sweet soft kiss.

Matchless Miss - Ashley Greene
You are pure and white,
With you my life shines bright,
Only if we could unite,
For you this poetry I recite.

Parting with you is difficult,
Whether we will meet again is left to chance,
My mind is in a state of tumult,
You still hold me in a trance.

I wouldn't be your,
And you wouldn't be mine,
As I complete this memoir,
I pray, You will always shine.

Matchless Miss - Ashley Greene - She enamored me in Twilight
P.S. Once in a while you meet a Matchless Miss. You admire her, and she admires you. 

We meet, only to part, never to meet again.
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  1. hope ur wife doesn't get to know about the article. on serious note, a great piece of writing.

  2. That's a feeling I guess every man has in store. You have cooked it up with a nice mix of spices. Ha ha ha.. I like the words chosen and the composure is good.

  3. @Neeraj - Thanks for your kind words.

    My wife wouldn't know, because I'm still single :)

    @Ashwini - Glad you liked the flow. Thanks.