A Bundle Of Inconsistencies

The night was breaking into the dawn. He had just woken up after having a good and peaceful sleep of seven hours. Yet he wanted to sleep more, a few minutes more. 

He slept for 10 more minutes, before waking up reluctantly. Immediately, his thoughts reached out to the men and women who had to do the graveyard shift. They weren't privileged enough to get the sleep he got. Lucky Me, he said to himself. 

He had a cold water bath. The geyser was not working. And thought about the lucky few who could shower with warm water. And the many people who went without one for lack of water. 

He had a flight to catch in a few hours. As he checked in his luggage, he thought what would be going through the minds of those polite and warm hearted men and women who booked his tickets, arranged his travel. And for so many like him. They did all this for him, without ever travelling abroad - a cherished desire for all.  

A few hours later, he saw that he had some, maybe a lot, of facilities available.  He did thank God. And immediately he recollected those who didn't have them. He was disappointed by the fact that he couldn't do anything. 

There were times when he felt bad about the lack of love, while others were immersed with it. That's when he saw someone who didn't have what he had. That's when he felt blessed. 

Some one who was lucky, other luckless. Someone who led an ordinary life. Someone who led an extra ordinary life. Someone who led a life less ordinary.

A man's mind has endless needs. 

While he can contemplate what he does not have, he will also have to cherish what he has. Not everyone will have the same things. Someone would have more, someone less. 

Life is a bundle of inconsistencies. The least I can do is be thankful to God Himself, and pray that others too get what they want. 
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