Yes, we can be fools sometimes. I was one such fool a couple of evenings back. 

Disturbed about something at work, I was a bit glum. A good friend of mine understood something was wrong, although I had not told her anything about it. She had an amazing ability to understand me.

She offered to call me, the late hour notwithstanding. I refused, the dumb guy that I was. She asked again, she was persistent, in spite the clock reading midnight. I also didn't relent. 

The situation left her sad. It had me feeling the guilt and remorse of making her sad. 

Next morning, I thanked her for being a great friend and helping me cheer up. 

On the way to office, I saw two men sharing thoughts with animated actions. They were bright and their eyes told a million stories. 

Yet action was all they had. :-( They could not talk. :-(

I felt a shrapnel cutting through my heart. I was blessed with the power of speech, yet I didn't want to talk. And there are so many people who would love to talk, but cannot do so due to nature. 

It made me count my blessings. The ability of speech gives you the power to share your thoughts. The presence of friends, all ears, makes the talk an enlightening experience. 

And this incident taught me one thing. Never refuse a chance to talk. Never let down a friend. Both of them have this starry ability to cheer you up.

P.S. This quote below is inspirational.

Before they can speak, Babies make friends
P.S.2. Thank You Super Friend.

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