Affection - For Your Eyes Only

Actions speak louder than words. And when the world makes it difficult to talk, actions make their way into the mind and the soul. 

And whats the best of the actions? The look of Affection.

Affection In His Eyes
Affection In Her Eyes

The look of affection,
Is stronger than a beacon.
Cutting through the distance,
That's it's tender brilliance.

The gaze of affection,
Brightens up our day.
Bringing a smile on our face,
Whatever worries, it does erase.

Powerful are those bright eyes,
Wonderful memories they reprise.
Warmth they do share,
Brighter than a flare.

Comforting is the gaze,
The fondness leaves me in a daze.
Brimming with joy, a fountain,
Its the look of Affection.


P.S. Thanks for the look of affection. Hope you do also catch it in my eyes.

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