Emerald Femme

The world is not enough,
Or so said Mr Bond.
Is having it all,
A magical wand??

There is more to having,
Its the word called sharing.
By giving, by being selfless,
You are a princess ageless.

If having is timeless,
Sharing is also priceless.
Spreading the joy and love,
You are a gentle dove.

The pursuit of several things,
Can bring joy and fame.
Its most important to share,
So taught me the dame.

With one kind act,
She brought a smile on her face.
A moment of joy,
And an evening of happiness.

Who taught me all this,
On a calm winter night.
Someone better than the best, 
An Emerald Femme

P.S. You were priceless with your actions. You  brought joy on three faces. My head bows to you with salute.

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