Something For Her

For Her
A smile for her,
To start her day.
A few words of care,
And an affectionate gaze .

A few thoughtful words,
To give her wings.
And some sweet nothings,
To keep her going.

To ask what made her happy,
And what made her proud.
A few priceless moments,
That separated her from the crowd.

Feel what made her stumble,
Although it makes me sad. 
Improving will make her a winner,
And scale heights grand.

Recollecting the moments,
Of her lovely day.
Making her feel cherished,
In a special way.

Shaping her thoughts,
And shaping her dreams. 
Setting her up for,
Many many wins.

For all that she is,
That she is for me.
Need to make her special,
And bright n happy.

Make her feel fulfilled,
And make her a star.
To make our life, Brighter than a Sun,
Do my bit, Something For Her.  

Something For Her

P.S. When she is Everything At Once, the least I can do is be Something For Her.

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  1. That is so beautiful - glad you are doing something for someone :-)