Blue Pearl

Blue Rose
Different from world,
Priceless than a gem.
It's something about her,
That makes her The Dame.

Brighter than the sun,
Resilient is the lady.
Thoughtful is the little one,
Possessing amazing traits many.

Energetic beyond words,
Calm and composed is she.
She will only scale upwards,
A lady she is feisty.

Coloring the life, a rainbow,
Supreme is her divine glow.
Invigorating is her halo,
The girl is a bravo.

The lady is a rose, a queen,
Sparkling star, supremely serene.
With her, the world is in swirl,
She is a Blue Pearl.

Blue Pearl

P.S.1. They say, Blue Roses do not exist in nature. How wrong the world is. Blue Roses exist, and they are as precious and more priceless than Pearls. And this poem is for my Blue Pearl.

P.S.2. Incidentally, this is my 501st Blog Post, and 100th Poem.

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  1. nice poem and congratulations on 501th post and 100th poem
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