Only One

On a warm summer morning,
By a slice of luck.
Met a lady sterling,
Thanked God for her.

Enamored by her smile,
Lost in her eyes.
Impressed by her charm,
Supreme was her grace.

She was much more,
Fabulous to the core.
Her mind would dazzle,
Of which I was sure. 

She was very precious,
I knew it in me.
I prayed to God,
Friends could we be?

Impressive were her thoughts,
Complete and sound.
Superb was the gal,
Elegant and profound.

Decked with brilliance,
Intelligence was her crown.
A wonderful friend, Her Highness,
She wiped many a frown.

Discovering the diamond in her,
Setting her dreams on flight.
She is someone special,
Super star, Miss Right. 

Thoughts to share,
A life to win.
Always she would hear,
Always bring a grin.

Who is this dame,
Sparkling lady, emerald femme.
Why is she special,
At heart, she is a girl simple.

Look on my life,
Like a Shining Sun.
No one like you,
You are Only One.  

You Are Only One
P.S. First she was an Emerald Femme, then Just You, and now Only One.

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