A Beautiful Mind

The world of ours,
Is large and varied.
Hidden with treasures,
Ageless and envied.

Some are exquisite,
Some are priceless.
Others are beautiful,
And a few swell.

Endearing are the gems,
Ageless are the pearls.
Cherished in the heart,
They are a piece of art.

Endearing with their sparkle,
Calm and blissful.
Supreme are the crystal,
Always do they dazzle.

Is there someone,
Who is all this and more.
Endearing to the core,
Invaluable with traits galore.

Someone who is hard to find,
Someone who is simple n divine.
Someone who leaves the world behind.
I call her A Beautiful Mind.

A Beautiful Mind

P.S. A Beautiful Mind is also a Emerald Femme, a Blue Pearl, and a Sparkling Flare. And you know who is all of this. :-) And more !!!

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