Shame Shame Puppy Shame

Well, it's Thursday evening. Thoughts about lack of common sense are bubbling in the mind. To crown it, I came across a few instances which made me shout "Shame Shame, Puppy Shame" as I caught on with the news on today's newspaper and the 9 PM news.

Shame Shame Puppy Shame
The talking point these days is about Iran going nuclear. Iran says that it intends to develop nuclear know how for peaceful and energy purposes. The world - led by America and its allies - are convinced that Iran intends to develop nuclear weapons.

As Iran demonstrated its progress in nuclear technology, the news set off panic reaction across the world. 

Isn't it shameful of America, UK, France, and Israel to demonize Iran when they themselves have 1950, 160, 290, and 200 odd nuclear war heads in their own backyards respectively?

Nuclear Energy
In the light of the same nuclear developments in Iran, the European Union plans to stop import of oil from Iran from July 2012.

Why does the EU plan to stop import starting July? Why not today? Isn't is shameful that they trying to serve their own interests by getting oil for the next six months, while they build contingency plans?

The Finance Ministry of India has written to certain Public Sector banks in India indicating that they are wrong in overstating profits and that they should make appropriate provisions for bad loans.

The first thought that came to my mind is - "Why didn't the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), India's Central Bank, make this observation?". The later part of the article said that RBI wrote to the Finance Ministry and they in turn wrote to the banks.

Isn't it shameful that the regulator does not do its regulatory and observatory work? Why do they need the Finance Ministry to do the work it has been assigned? 

What's worse is that the overstating of the profits has been happening for the last 3 years. Isn't the regulator at a failure of identifying such gross errors? If such a overstatement of profit (can it be called cooking of books?) was done by a corporate organisation, it would have been pulled up.

A hopeless Arnab Goswami anchors the news hour on Times Now - day in and day out - at 9 PM IST. His job is to bore news watchers. He has made watching news a sad experience. He sets a wrong impression of the techniques of debating on young impressionable minds.

Isn't it shameful that a poor, incompetent anchor is made to host prime time shows?

Just one thought can summarize these four instances - Shame Shame, Puppy Shame.

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  1. The hypocrisy of the western countries with regard to Iran is truly shameful. While the rest of the oil producing nations have been willing to play with them, Iran has demanded to be treated with respect. The entire Islamic Jihad bogieman was a result of the west's persecution of the Islamic block to get them to play ball on their terms. If nothing else, Iran should be respected for not giving in. ALl actions have a reaction. The rise of Islamic terror is a result of the west's thoughtless strategies in this regard.

    As for Arnab, he is moving into senile dementia - look at him without the sound on and you will see what I am saying. I used to really like this one during his NDTV years.