The Insatiable Mind

The mind is Insatiable. 

If it does not have something, it craves for it shamelessly. If someone else has that something, the need is excessively intense, characterized by envy.

It knows that jaws of jealousy are sharp. However, resisting jealousy, is a phrase that does not exist in it's dictionary.

It this is bad, the next is worse. Every time it gets something, it craves for something more. When will it be happy with what it possess? When will it learn to be satisfied?

An Insatiable Mind
Worse still, it does not know what exactly it wants. Since it does not know what it wants, it wants everything. Everything under the sun.

Isn't wanting everything unreasonable? You cannot get summer and winter, a rainy day and a sunny day at the same time. You cannot be old and young at the same time.

But when was the mind reasonable? Never. At best, it is Insatiable. 

The arguments continued unabated. Surprisingly, peaceful sleep took over, thanks to this poem.

The mind is insatiable,
The thoughts make it bestial.
The desires make it brittle,
It goes on in a cycle.

Wanting everything,
Is getting caught in a web.
Everything is nothing,
The wishes need to ebb.

The insatiable mind is a devil,
Possessed with thoughts evil.
Wish its needs could be frugal,
Little imbalanced, more level.

Only if it could be thankful,
It would be a marvel.
For everything is trifle,
A fulfilled mind is a winner.

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  1. Yup..mind is insatiable or is it the basic human instincts?
    and somehow i believe that insatiability is linked to being unreasonable for when greed exceeds a certain limit it will outdo all boundaries of reason and logic. just and unjust.