An Enchantress
Someone asked her, "What makes you an enchantress?".

She replied, "There are things that don't meet the eye. Like oxygen. They define me." 

"And what are those?", was the next question.

And the answer is right below.

Who am I?
What makes me fabled & wow?
A mystical girl that I am,
The secret would baffle thou.

For the world, 
I am a femme-fatale.
For once, believe me, 
I am just an ordinary gal.

Under the sky azure,
I am a blazing siren.
My principles are stronger,
Deeply rooted than a tree banyan.

In the ocean blue, 
I am a precious coral.
A dame with neat virtues,
I am modest n' rational.

I am a wire live,
Standing out is my art creative.
With my magic, I hold you captive,
Driving me are thoughts pensive.

Sparkling in bright yellow,
I am a darling Venus.
Around me is a bright halo,
Powered by my energy tireless.

My looks you may applaud,
For them I am thankful to God.
My art arouses awe,
A li'l secret, I ain't without a flaw.

My dreams are countless,
The least I am is selfless.
My merits you may extol,
I am thankful to my virtuous soul.

Beguiling you with my beauty,
I hold you breathless.
It is my mind classy,
It makes me an Enchantress.


Her simplicity and her down to earth demeanor made her an Enchantress.

P.S. This is for You. Have I done justice to reflect what you are? I think No. What do you think?

Enchantress Enchantress Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Saturday, February 04, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Ooh interesting poem. Must be for an interesting subject. Also, I really really like the photo at the top. :)

  2. interesting :)
    you seemed to be bowled over with killing looks n beauty..
    I can blame you ;p
    nyways nice loved all the highlights !

  3. The enchantress has surely swept you off your feet! Very beautiful writing!