Another You

Is there Another You?

On a day summer, 
Priceless is a drop of dew. 
On a evening winter, 
Precious is a warm word with you. 

A philosopher's stone, 
For life is an elixir. 
In my life alone, 
Don't you bring a cheer.

 For us mere mortals, 
There is only one sun.
From the countless damsels, 
You are a special one. 

A dark day you brighten, 
Your smile is a beacon. 
You are a queen, 
Your aura is pristine.

An ace of spade, 
Of what are you made? 
Less words, more action, 
You don't take the path beaten. 

You kindle dreams anew, 
You color a rainy day blue. 
One thing is certainly true, 
There isn't Another You.

There Isn't Another You

P.S. This is for You. Believe me, Your best is yet to come. Because, You will beat your best.

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