All That I Need

She asked me, "What do I need today, tomorrow and forever?"

Specks of white, waiting to be colored,
Eager to be erased, dark flecks rife.
All that I have is words,
To solve the crossword of life.

Myriad thoughts, varying themes,
Every night sets them alight.
All that I have is dreams,
To paint a canvas called life.

Miles to go before you sleep,
All that you have is courage deep.
I wish to be your companion forever,
In this life, our endeavor.

Brimming with aspirations much.
Seeking for a finishing touch.
All that you have in me is trust,
I'l gladly oblige, my lady august.

With blessings from God above,
You are my essence.
All that I have is love,
To fulfill our existence.

Lots to do in this journey small,
Keeping me afloat, avoiding my fall.
Someone gives me strength anew,
All that I need is You.

All That I Need is You

P.S. Unknown You, Unknown Me.

All That I Need All That I Need Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Tuesday, February 14, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Talented poetry as always and you are having the right rythm in it.You seems to have found the right metaphors as well.

  2. Beautiful poems.. lovely lovely thoughts :D

  3. Most times i read a poem twice, when its too profound. But this time, i read it twice, just to soak in THAT feeling of reading it.
    Its awesome:)

  4. I especially like "Miles to go before you sleep / all you have is courage deep". So true. Humans are amazingly brave.

  5. I feel this echoing with Robert Frost... wonderful

  6. Rich with blessings...