English Rose

Colorful Roses
Under the morning sun,
Surrounded by lush greenery.
You glisten, you beckon,
Brighter than a red cherry.

Fragrant is the dark soil,
The earth is in a boil.
Soothing is your aura,
You are the queen of flora.

Decked with petals four,
Your beauty I adore.
Magical is your aroma,
Dazzling in fuchsia.

You are innocent white,
Your purity is your might.
A harbinger of romance,
You set up a trance.

Delightful in bright yellow,
You are tender n' mellow.
Modest in your beauty,
You are a dizzy daisy.

Oozing with warmth n' pride,
Making the girl a lovely bride.
Cosmic is your existence,
Majestic is your opulence.

Who is all of this and more,
Elegantly giving a silent roar.
Timeless is your aura,
The world knows her as Rosa.

A symbol of love timeless,
Passions you evoke nameless.
So beautifully you bloom,
Driving away my vacuum.

A blue rose is an illusion,
So says the old folklore.
The myth today has fallen,
I found you, my English Rose.

An English Rose

P.S. This is for You. Yesterday (7th Feb) was Rose Day. I hope, You - The English Rose, blooms stronger and brighter, with every passing day.

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