Pangs Of Guilt

This is about something which happened a few Saturdays earlier. I was walking from home from work. It was an hour past noon, and I had just had a sumptuous meal. I think I had a bit more than I should have done.

I was just a hundred meters away from home when my path crossed with a lady. Our eyes met, filling me with shame and possessing me with self directed anger. 

I could see the hunger in her eyes. I could see her desperate situation.

I compared her situation of scarceness against my situation of abundance. She was facing pangs of hunger. And I was possessed with pangs of guilt.

My conscience pricked me.

Pangs of Guilt

The only thought which came to my mind immediately was something which my father had told me a decade or so earlier - Always eat one morsel less.

My head hanged in shame as I walked home alone. 

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  1. wow... your father is a great person and so sad that more often we fail to realize in abundance all arouind that some ppl don't have even a slice of it.

    Sad but a thought provoking post !!!

  2. True ,, your father said so true..

  3. You father was indeed a great person ....sometimes in our quest to have more we don't realize how many don't even have the meager

    Lovely blog u have :)

  4. Your dad gave you good advice..

    sad but such is life.. you take care and be goood