An Ugly Mind

Possessed with an ugly mind,
It made me blind.
It left me maligned,
If only I could rewind.

A whirl of madness,
Sucked me and drowned me.
Devoid of any virtues, I wandered around aimless,
Lost in the present was a hopeless me.

Didn't I have a dark heart?
From my soul, love didn't ever depart.
Didn't I have black thoughts?
My life was covered with grime blots.

Without any remorse,
Without any shame.
Demons were my inspirational source,
My vices did they inflame.

A devil that I was,
I broke multiple unsaid laws.
My psyche was abound with filthy views,
If there is anyone, I have myself to accuse.

Exorcise my sinister thoughts,
Dig a dagger thtough my heart distraught.
Cleanse my soul, Release my monster captive,
Make the world a better place to live.
An Ugly Mind

P.S. When the mind is ugly, bouts of remorse are most frequent. I possess one such mind. And in such moments of self-reproach and deep regret, I  hold my hands on my head. 

P.S.2 Sorry Shruti Hassan for using your picture for a dark topic.

An Ugly Mind An Ugly Mind Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Thursday, December 01, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. After such romantic ones why the melancholy thoughts...nice though.

  2. hmmm why so though.. the good and bad are both inside us .. and we need both to live .. thats human nature :)

    Take care

  3. @All - Thanks. It was a reflection of some recent sad moments.

  4. Still it is good for at the end of the day you realized it was a bad thought ,so there was a realization ,thats the important thing their.