Long Plans

My mind was troubled a lot today. I was extremely restless and unable to focus. But at the same time, I didn't want to quit.

The reason :- The conversation below I had sometime yesterday.

Me :-
You know, I always wanted to learn tennis.
Maybe I will start some day.

Her :-
Just start.
Do not plan anything for too long. :-)
Long plans fail :-) :-)

The last line buzzed through my mind the entire night yesterday, and through the day today. 

I wish I could wipe procrastination from my life's dictionary. 

And I should thank God Almighty for helping me get acquainted with such exquisite people - who possess extreme clarity of thoughts, and share them with me.

Long Plans Fail

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  1. She is right, plans always fail or change. It's better to do whatever you wish to do now...:)

  2. Oh how i wish to get rid of this habit of procrastination ;/

  3. Good advice Long plans dont work.. I beleive in if i want to do something I do it ..

    LIVe it :)

    All the best


  4. I agree wid her... Long plans always fail, n specially those of traveling n trips :P

    jokes apart... really we should always think of short-terms plans.. they serve well in long run.

    Nice read