As I Look Back At 2011

Yes, No. Yes, No. This is how my mind is jumping at the thoughts of writing this post. Finally, Yes has triumphed over No. And here I am penning down my thoughts about the year that was - 2011.

The year started with a few giant steps being taken towards achieving a milestone in the professional sphere. Emotions were palpable, team work was evident. Long days, and extra long nights that stretched into mornings characterized the first month of the year 2011. Sleep was priceless, and warmth was invaluable as we crossed a finishing line. 

The next couple of months were invested in giving further shape to the creation. Long hours at work meant long days away from home. Looking back today, I think how silly I have been to take a single holiday of 15 days in the entire year. The holiday came only in October. And I should thank my family for being kind and supporting a careless me.

The Cricket World Cup offered some exciting and interesting moments to get away from work. And with India winning, it was a moment of great pride.

As I Look Back At 2011
The next couple of months involved transformations and transitions. Change is always difficult. The mind never fails to accept it or resists it. Yet, the mind learns to mould itself. The thoughts learn to heal itself over time.

These few months also offered a chance to return home from work at 6.00 PM. This was quite something considering that it had not happened for quite some time - rather quite some years.  

The next few months had thoughts bubbling with rebellion. The mind is a canvas of contrasting colors - sometimes it is dark and negative, and the next moment it is colorful and bright. 

I blogged a lot this entire year. By God's grace, I had a lot of buzzing thoughts. A quick check tells that I clocked 162 odd blog posts in the entire year. It were these words which were my companions in times of sheer loneliness. 

Surprisingly, I took to writing poetry - something which I thought I could never manage. Yet, life continues to give surprises.

I discovered some new and interesting people, some of whom are now my friends. I cherished the company of my friends. Although the chances to meet up and relax were few and far between, each of these opportunities were treasured close to my heart. Only when things are rare do you learn to care for them. 

I learned to let go of my thoughts. I also learned to hold back my views. I learned that that world and life is neither black nor white. And no, it is not grey either. What is it? I am still discovering it as I enter into a brand new year 2012.  

Special Thanks to God Himself for putting the winds into my sails yearlong. And for helping me navigate through the choppy waters and the calm seas.

Wishing you a Very Happy New Year 2012.

Happy New Year 2012

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  1. have a great day and happy new year to you and family and everyone around you ... :)

    change is difficult but its always good :)