2011 The Year Through Pictures

It's the last month of the year 2011.

It is time to look at some of the pictures which defined 2011 across the world. One thing is certain - this year can be considered as the years of milestones. Regimes Changed. Protests were the order of the day. The world saw some huge natural disasters. And the list is endless.

It all started with the Arab Spring. People across the entire Arab world started mass protests against the authoritative rulers. Most importantly, they succeeded in bringing down the incumbent regimes. 

This is the picture of mass civilian protests in Egypt in Feb 2011. The people protested and in no time Hosni Mubarak was out of power.

Feb 2011 Egypt Cairo Tahrir Square Protests

This is a file picture from Libya where there were huge protests against the 4 decade rule of Muammar Gaddafi. The Libyan people - aided by the NATO forces - brought down the Gaddafi regime and killed Muammar Gaddafi  ultimately. This snap highlights the celebration of one small victory in Benghazi. 

March 2011 Libya Protest

Next one from Japan. A huge Tsunami struck the Japan, in March , causing heavy floods, havoc and destruction. It caused tremendous loss to life and property.

March 2011 Japan Tsunami

April 2011 was the month of the World Cup and the Wedding. India won the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 after a long gap of 28 years, sending the entire nation into a state of frenzy.

April 2011 India Wins World Cup

And in late April, Prince William of England married Kate Middleton in an extravagant Royal Wedding in London. 

April 2011 Prince William Weds Kate

Along with Kate and William, it was the little bridesmaid who caught the world's attention. Her reaction when she couldn't bear the sound of the air force planes buzzing above the sky gained her instant stardom across the world.

And just a few days later, in early May, Osama Bin Laden, the world's most wanted terrorist, was killed in the sleepy garrison town of Abbotabad, Pakistan. 

May 2011 Osama Bin Laden Killed

In a pre dawn operation, monitored live from The White House, American forces took him down making the world a safer place to live.

India's Social crusader Anna Hazare took on the Indian Government to ensure that a strong Jan Lokpal Bill (or the Citizen's Ombudsman Bill) is passed. It set off a wave of protests across India.

Aug 2011 Anna Hazare for The Jan Lokpal Bill

Aug 2011 The Jan Lokpal Bill Protests

In September 2011, the world remembered the decade old horrific terror attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. 

Sep 2011 WTC Attacks Commemoration

And it was in October 2011 that the world population hit the 7 Billion mark.

Oct 2011 Seven Billion World Population

In Dec 2011, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin suffered significant political reversals in the elections - triggering a wave of protests across Russia. 

Dec 2011 Russia Protests

This was seen as a dent in Putin's ambition to contest and win next years Presidential Elections. Putin however alleged that America played a role in fueling the protests. The allegations may not be false considering that America has indeed meddled in a lot of places this year - right from Africa to Pakistan.

All in all, these pictures bring back the memories of the moments which defined the year 2011. And to close, If the year 2011 belongs to someone, it is the ordinary people!!

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  1. more stories on protests , people getting wary of the goverments when is it going ot happen in india and people get together to throw away the GOVT and especailly get rid of every politcian and exile them for ever .. along with there people ..

    nicely summed up in pictures


  2. a year full of turmoils...
    summed up well.

  3. Well documented.. I would add a year which is signalling another financial turmoil and rise of China as super economic power and biggest slide of India currency against dollar