A Void

A sense of void, 
Fills up my mind. 
Of hope, My soul is devoid, 
Crushed by the grind. 

I feel myself in a vacuum, 
My thoughts so stale. 
Am I set for doom,
What holds in my tale?

A life so plain, 
You it does feel the pain. 
A book so colorless, 
All I feel is needlessly hapless. 

With a baggage of fancies and whim, 
I float in my shapeless dreams.
To be realised never ever, 
More elusive than a pimpernel.  

Will the sun rise over the horizon, 
Or set before a dawn bright?
The thoughts color my eyes crimson, 
Set my psyche in a fright. 

Should I let go of my frail soul, 
Should I hold on in the raging tsunami?
How can I calm my dark ghoul,
The answers are hidden within me.  

It is a void,
It will be fulfilled.
I wish to cease being an android,
My soul will be healed.

Mind In a Void

P.S. For the last few days, feeling of emptiness have been strong. The void is talking, and talking aloud. My mind is empty and disturbed. 

Why is there a void? What do I do to fulfill the void? Questions are many. Answers are few. I seek answers from myself, but don't have any responses. Indeed, my mind is an extremely sorry state.

A Void A Void Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Tuesday, December 06, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. There's a certain peace in silence, a calm in void that I cherish very much. The slow days are as welcome as the ones spent in whirlwind activity...well, maybe that's just me :) Many cheers!

  2. dont worry it happens with every one..its just that and when your mind is void you should let it go with the flow.dont be hard on yourself:)

  3. Its's but a natural feeling ,just like me i felt those ,it's annoying ,indescribable looking for something yet we also don't know what we are looking for , it is a strange feeling. Keep smiling :)

  4. I know how you must feel. But it gets better. It got better for me. I will keep you in my thoughts.

  5. Sometimes this feeling of VOID creeps in... n it feels very irritating.

    very brilliantly conveyed !!