It Is Winter

It is winter time.
It Is Winter
The sun is shining bright, 
Yet there is a hint of cold.
The winter has arrived,
My soul renewed, my life old.

Cuddling up in a cold empty bed,
Under a feather warm quill.
Shivering are my thoughts unsaid,
The silence lets out a shrill.

Loneliness colors my eyes red, 
My thoughts it does kill.
Tears make a long sled,
A hole in my soul it does drill.

Stunning silence, without a din,
Calm and frigid is the air.
Feeling a crisp chill is her skin,
She hugs me, her Teddy bear.

Dew drops deck the leaves green,
Gems are they on nature's crown.
In my arms is an unseen queen,
In her love dear, I almost drown.

The days can be short,
The night dark and cold.
Blessed by God, with His gracious support,
A beautiful simple life I will mould!!

Floating around my eyes,
Are clouds of misty cream.
Am I in a hazy dream, 
Or with God Himself in guise.

P.S. Why do we love winter so much? I think it is because we crave for warmth during such stark and cold days. Isn't that a reflection of what we desire as human beings?

It Is Winter It Is Winter Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Saturday, December 03, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. After reading your poem...I fell in love winter all over again:)

    I liked the last stanza.".....Am I in a hazy dream, Or with God Himself in guise"
    I Have felt that quite a few times myself.

    Beautiful poem:)

  2. True ,we human human wanted to belong ,wanted some warmth from friends or other people.