Chitrangada Singh

"Ohh My God!!!". 

This is what I said when I looked at this picture of hers less than 24 hours back.

She is none other than Chitrangada Singh.

I was reading a new article which had her interview. It said - her name meant - someone with unique features. I wouldn't disagree.

All of 34 years, the Indian actress has been on silver screen for the last 8 years. Yet she has acted in just 5 films.

Six years back, she made a stunning debut in the film - Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi (A Thousand Such Wishes). Her role as Geeta Rao received widespread appreciation.

In this movie, she didn't dress up in alluring clothes. Or didn't have any enticing make up. Yet, I found her amazingly attractive.

A month back, I wrote about Attraction. And contemplated why someone is attracted towards someone.

It's very difficult to say why someone is attracted to someone. And Chitrangada is that someone for me.

After 2005, Chitrangada took a hiatus from making movies. 

And when she made her comeback in 2008, starring in Sorry Bhai, I made a beeline to watch her movie on the first weekend.

And then she disappeared again. Only to come back again in 2011.

Starring in Yeh Saali Zindagi, she is making waves again.

So what is it about Chitrangada which makes her so enamoring, so tempting, so alluring, so charismatic??

Is it her eyes - which makes you drown in them??

Or is it her dusky looks, coupled with a messy hairstyle which gives her that desirable look?

Or is it her oomph factor - elegantly conveyed in the snap below - which would give the super models a run for their money?

Or her cute smile?

Or is it simply her elegance?

Keep thinking. And let me know if you are attracted towards her.
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  1. Only a fool won't agree with you. I like pretty much the diversity of your posts.

  2. just watch her in opening scenes of sorry bhai, she looks awesome.

  3. Being a girl I'm attracted towards her( and I'm perfectly normal),
    she is just too different from all other actresses we have in indian film industry.
    I have never missed a film of hers, never will. But with her making her way into commercial cinema , I hope she keeps her sanity and chooses the right roles, because this is one lady I don't want to stop adoring!