Aspirations - It is something which we all possess.

In dictionary parlance, it is a will to succeed. Or a cherished desire - which we wish to achieve.

Achieving your aspirations always gives you a high. It will give you a sense of satisfaction. It will also give you a sense of joy and pride. 

And if that aspiration is something which you have been trying to achieve for a long time, a feeling of exhilaration is most common.

But have you faced a situation where people look upto you to meet their aspirations?

Have you been in a position where people think that you are the someone who can help them meet their aspirations, achieve their ambitions, take them towards their goals?

Some people find themselves in this situations regularly.

Barack Obama, way back in 2008, was one such person. Just after winning the South Carolina primary, he said "Yes. We Can". 

And with this, he caught on the hopes of the entire nation - going onto become the President of The United States of America. And in an unprecedented success, he became the TIME magazine Man Of The Year 2008.

Teachers also find themselves in such situations commonly. They are the role models for the students. 
Leaders in organizations also have this responsibility. They are commonly looked upto and cherished. And their achievements make their understudies aim for similar goals, if not better.

And most importantly, it's parents who find themselves in this situations - since they are the anchors and guiding stars for every individual in their formative years.

And sometimes, or many a times, they curb or suppress their aspirations to help you achieve yours.

Being in such a situation is not an easy thing. It gives you an extremely huge responsibility. A responsibility to ensure the success of someone else.

But if you succeed in guiding that individual to his or her aspirations, then you would become their hero. 

You would be their shining star - forever. A star whom they can look upto to be their guiding light. 

Pole star anyone??
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  1. A wonderful post. And yes, being the pole star for someone is definitely one amazing feeling.

  2. Thanks Deboshree for dropping by.