My Google Page Rank

My blog spot has been online on the web since the last 39 months.

Increasing the popularity of the blog page would require a dedicated set of repeated visitors, and a fairly large set of one time visitors.

The first set refers to your friends, and your colleagues, who visit your blog page - to keep in touch with your thoughts, ideas and opinions. 

The second set is bought in by the search engines. 

Needless to say, Google is the primary search engine which drives the traffic into my blog. And all these years, I was looking at ways and means of getting a Google Page Rank. 

Search engine analysts said that Google ranks pages with its Page Rank higher in the results than other pages who don't have a Page Rank.

January 2011 was a very mediocre month for me in terms of blogging. 

I managed to clock just two posts in the month - one at home and one at the Dubai airport. 

Apart from that, the visits to the blog page were extremely rare - given the 16-18 hours a day, 7 days a week work schedule. This translated into a reduced IndiRank.

But I was in for a very major surprise today when I saw that I had got my first  Google Page Rank of 1 in the month of Jan 2011. 

A broad smile broke across my face. :-) :-) 

Thanks to the visitors of my humble blog page for being a contributor in this achievement.

Special thanks to my fellow bloggers - Mansi Bhatia and her First Impressions and Mattias Kroon and his The Gateway To Longterm Income for boosting my page rank. 

Thanks too the blog aggregator - Blogchai for adding to the PR boost.

The task ahead is set. To retain this Page Rank and increase it further. 

Hope to take some strong decisive steps towards that goal. Keeping fingers crossed!!
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  2. Thanks Bhavani - Welcome to my blog :-)