Attraction in pure dictionary parlance would refer to the drawing of one object towards another.

Now that's a very very crude definition. Not everything that attracts are objects. Or are men or women objects indeed?

At school - we were taught that "opposites attract". The best example of this theory were the north and south poles of a magnet. Science also said that like poles repel.

But do like minded people always repel? Or do opposites always attract?

You cannot have a definite answer to this question. Based on the circumstances - it might be a Yes or it might be No!!

What are the few reasons why you are attracted to someone?

Is it because they look good? Or is it because you like the way the look?

Or is it because you like the way the behave?

Or is it because the way the carry themselves?

Is it because the way they talk?

Or is it because they are simply ungettable?

Is it because they make you happy? And because they make you feel good about yourselves?

Or is it because they bring a small wide smile on your face?

Is it because they are like minded - wherein you see a bit of yourself in them?

Or is it because they are diametrically opposite - balancing you out and bringing in more stability?

Is it because of their charm?

Or is it because of their elegance?

The reasons can be several. They can be simple. Or they can be hugely complex.

Why are you attracted to someone?
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