Between Him and Me

He was seated there - reading a book. His thoughts were engaged in the book. What was so special about the book which had him hooked? And made him ignore the cutest, prettiest girl in the near vicinity?

Was it something more interesting? Or was it the simple fact - that he hadn't spotted me yet? If he hadn't spotted me yet - he better do so soon. Otherwise I thought I would raise a hue and cry. And then he wouldn't have any option but to oblige.

But before that could happen, his eyes met my eyes. And we caught on to each other. Like we had known ourselves for long. It would surprise you if I tell you that this was our first meeting. Yet, we exchanged the broadest of the smiles.

He was one of those flirtatious kinds. Right from the moment he had his eyes transfixed on me, he started blowing sweet kisses at me. All in the sight of the glaring public. I was the only person on his mind right now. His book had lost the race. And I was loving all the attention I was getting.

I sat next to him. This made him all the more happy. I think he didn't think he would be lucky enough to get the pleasure of the company of a lovely lady like me.

He held my small, petite hand. I beamed with pride. His smile was getting bigger and bigger. And he blew one more big, sweet kiss at me. I blushed.

Over the next one hour, he talked to me with his eyes - making a lot of gestures and faces. And I too responded back to him with my lovely blue eyes. I was keeping him engaged and I think he was loving it. And I was loving all the love he was showering on me.

And after being showered with such flattery for more than an hour, I dozed off.

And when my eyes opened a couple of hours later, I saw him looking at me - staring at me with love. His affection was noticable. So was his warmth. This made me wonder - had he slept through the time I was asleep? Or was he just sitting there - looking at me, taking care of me?

I read his mind. I knew he was taking a bright, lovely picture of me - to keep it in his heart and mind forever. We were going to part ways soon - and he knew that we wouldn't be meeting again, ever. The thought had burdened his heart heavily. But there was little he could do.

Time flies and does not wait for any soul. And before you knew, it was time to say good bye. Good Bye with a heavy heart. We exchanged names. I knew he would remember me and my name. He knew I wouldn't rememeber him and his name.

The reason was simple. He was 27. I was just six. Just six months old.

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