A Sailor's Thoughts

The sea was choppy. The waves were a bit rough - making a cluttering sound as they crashed into the rough wood. You couldn't say that a storm was forthcoming. But neither was the water calm. 

The night was dark. The silence was eerie. Water, they say, is colorless. But, black was the only color in sight. And it stretched upto infinity. 

The weather was a bit chilly. Cold weather does have a calming effect on a warm night. But surprisingly that was not the case today. He wondered why??

He looked up to the sky hoping to see the shining stars.  Or God Himself. There wasn't a single star in sight. But God was making his presence felt. The half moon was also to be seen. But it's light was not bright enough to drive away the darkness.

The lone traveler in the piece of the wood - called "boat" (or was it life)  - tossed around. He tried to sleep to make it through the night. 

Sleep, he thought, was a good way to drive away the loneliness. In those few hours, he could lose himself - without care, without any worries, without any corrupting thoughts. Just be himself.

The ruffled sea wouldn't let him do so. He tossed and turned around - hoping to catch hold of his lovely friend - sleep herself. She continued to entice him by bringing him a few singular moments of slumber. But teased him further by not giving it to him long enough. Long enough to make him forget about her. She knew how selfish he was!!

But then he spotted something far away. Or was it nearby? It was a small light - blue in color and a bit dim. It glowed in and out. And it continued to do so - once, twice, and many times. 

Was it a lighthouse? Or was it something else? Was he near some shore?  Or far away from some land? 

The light continued to signal.

What impressed him about that light was the slow way it grew to its brightest. And the sluggish way it faded away. And the way it continued to do that same thing - over and over again.

Made him wonder about the monotonous way it went about its task. But slowly and steadily, over and over again. But at the same time being helpful to the travelers who came near him.

Could he do the same with his life - taking it  slow and a bit easy rather than rushing into things.

It had set his thoughts in motion. And such thoughts always end up doing one thing. Taking him into the arms of his beloved friend - sleep.

All that he hoped was to see a bright shining sun rise tommorow morning.

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