Something About Her

There was something about her which made her attractive. Something special which made her stand out in a sea of millions. Something which made her a gem.

Something which caught my fleeting eyes and made me turn back to have one more look. A look which I could capture in my eyes and cherish it forever. 

This desire came in from an inherent insecurity - that I would not see her again.  Her glimpse was special. She seemed to be extremely rare, like one of those uncut diamonds which you discover only with a great chance. Yet she made her presence felt like that polished glittering stone which you always wish to possess.

But how could you call her a stone? She was lively as the wind. She was livelier than others in visible sight. She was the liveliest!!

I asked Him one small question.  Will I see her ever again? 

He didn't give an immediate response but answered my prayer by offering me a fleeting glimpse of hers a few moments later. A sight so small that it would make a comet proud. And put the ghosts, who make a minuscule apparition, to shame. 

And I took a small wish - to see her again. I was so selfish. But she was so alluring.  I was supremely insecure. She was the reason behind it. 

I wished to turn around to have another look...Just in case the wish didnt come true. But the worldly fear - of some other prying eyes catching my seeking sight prevented me from doing so.  

And I used to think that I'm a fairly confident person. How wrong I was!!

And it was not the first time that this awakening was dawning upon me. And if you speak about dawns, how can the sun be behind? 

From a distance, I could see her glowing face. A face so serene, it would impress the calmest of the waters. A glow so pink, it would make those chubby babies feel ultra jealous. A persona so elegant it would imprint on your mind - forever. And eyes so magical that they would just bewitch you and hold you in a spell.

I wondered what made some people more enchanting than the rest. It was not that she was dressed in enticing clothes . Yet she had that style which would impress a super model. Her two killer weapons - her magical eyes - held my attention. 

But before that attention turned into a possesive stare, I took the tough  decision of turning my eyes away from her. And lose her from my sight... maybe forever.  And since then - till date - all I have is memories of her.
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