What Got Me Started?

Every thing that one does is driven by a single spark that gets it started.

Blogging is an activity which I try to pursue regularly. 

Way back in 2005, it was this blog - titled Filter Coffee - which got me hooked onto the world of blogging.

It all started with following this blogger's post on the Company's intra-net. 

These were the initial days of blogging and everyone was new to the concept of blogging. Later the blogger stopped posting his posts on the intra-net and limited himself to the internet only.

I followed him there. 

What made me attracted to his posts?

First of all, the blog was generously spiced up with pictures. The pictures were simple. Each of the pictures had a superb quote with it. This quote gave words and superb meaning to those static images.

The pictures were elegant. The words with it were thoughtful. The blog made for a good read everyday.

Maybe thats when I decided to start with my own blog. But the lack of regular access to internet, and generous time for self to pursue this passion held me back.

But finally I got an opportunity to start my own blog in October 2007. I got a URL of my choice and I was happy. 

I had been thinking about the name of my blog for sometime before registering it on the internet. In my busy work schedule back then, all I got was a moment to surf up the internet and read a story of my choice. That's how my blog was christened "A Moment Please".

Lack of a personal computer and limited access to the internet made me  passive blogger for a year and a half. However, with every opportunity, I attempted to write about a story which made me say - A Moment Please - on that day.

It was not until May 2009 that I started being a regular blogger. And today as I write this line, I look up at the heavens and say a small Thank You - for providing me this opportunity.

Blogging has given me an opportunity to improve my writing skills - something that I was poor at while in school. My essays, back in the school examinations, were miserable to say the least. The score did not go beyond a measly 3 or 4 on a scale of 10.

I have been trying to improve the content of my blogs. The writing is still in the evolving phase and I think there is a tremendous room for improvement.

Hoping to get good ideas, strong support and good learning opportunities in this wonderful world of blogging!!
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