A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

This is what I thought when I saw a few pictures of some beautiful children, girls and ladies.

The pictures are taken by one Denis Moore. Not sure who he is. Tried to find it out on the internet - but was unsuccessful. 

These things apart, one part was certain - the subject of the pictures conveyed a lot of thoughts.

Here are my views on the emotion, the thought, the feeling, the spirit put forth by these beautiful pictures.

Starting with the babies fist.

Will it break if I push it a bit more? Let me try.

This is a picture of a young baby girl sitting in a garden, oblivious to her surroundings, playing with a single thread of grass. 

The picture reflects the innocence of little children - how a single piece of simple grass can capture her attention in a world laced with complex things. And their attempt to discover unknown things.

Am I flying? Will I take off? 

This is what the little baby girl seems to be thinking as a strong gush of wind sets her wonderful little hair in motion and lifts her spirit.

Moving on to the girls and the ladies.

Stone cold.

Supreme coldness and iciness seems to reflect on the face of this lady. Her face seems to echo concentration and sometimes anger. The eyes are piercing, to say the least.

What is he up to?

This seems to be on the minds of this pretty girl as she hides behind a pillar, with her sight firmly set on the thing she is observing. She doesn't want to give herself away. But at the same time, she doesn't want her to lose her sight.

This makes her a tigress observing her prey, getting ready for her next assault.

I'm angry!! Why did you leave me when I wanted you the most? Next time, I will not be letting you anywhere near me. That's your punishment.

This is what this gal in her rumpled hair, with minimal clothing. just managing to cover her assets, seems to be telling her man - seething with anger.

Am I alluring? Does my curly hair with this green skirt with air blowing right through it make me look tempting?

It does, Miss Green.

Oh God, Thank You so much for what all You have done for me.

Looking up to the heaven, this lady seems to reflect upon her inner self beneath the infinite sky, praying to God for all the good things He has done for her.

Lying down on what looks to be fresh land, she is making the best out of a rare moment of bliss.
What will be my next line? 

This is what seems to be on the mind of this pretty girl as she contemplates penning down her thoughts.

Is there any better place to lie down, dressed casually, think and write down your memoirs than the comfort of your bed? 

She say - "There isn't". I agree.

It's been long since I walked with my bare feet on the earth. Does it feel the same it used to when I was a child? 

My ascent in the world of fashion has given "leather" multiple opportunities to kiss my lovely feet. But I crave for that wonderful soft, moist earth.

This has made the lady take her little sandals in her hands as she prepares to walk.

All alone, sitting on a ridge, staring at the skyline stretching unto infinity - this girl is reflecting her inquisitiveness.

What is it down there? Is it a rock or a small plant or a minute animal or something else? It's not known. But the desire to find out is urging her to check out that thing.

You are never alone. And when you are, such small things hold your attention.

I'm tired and need to relax. Let me have a power nap.

And what better way to relax than by catching a quick short nap. When the head needs a rest and a pillow is not in sight, you need to rely on your own soft knees. The refreshing nap is just priceless!! 

Work keeps you busy. God keeps you going. 

And to pray to Him, all you need is a personal moment of solitude. The location does not matter. The only things that count are your thoughts for Him.

Is someone following me? 

This looks to be on the mind of this pretty girl with alluring red lip color, as she walks on an empty street. The turn of the head is momentary as her eyes scan the horizon for someone threatening.

And the weight of the secret she is carrying is evident in her eyes. 

Dreams!! You need not be on your bed, about to sleep, to dream about something. 

The peaceful environs of a lush green garden, in the cool comforts of a tree's shadow, can set your mind on some wonderful thoughts. 

Her thoughts are however privy to only herself.

Am I pretty? Will he find me attractive? 

This is what the girl seems to be thinking in an enticing black dress, with a short skirt, with matching heels and an elegant matching hat as she waits for her beau in a garden. 

She doesn't mind throwing caution to the wind - as she sits on a simple staircase ignoring the fact that the dust can spoil her dress. Her own beauty has captured her imagination.


She is an epitome of freshness - with her "just out of the bath" looks. The hair is disheveled but it does not hide her beauty. On the other hand, it makes her look more attractive.

The thoughts of the coming day seem to hold her attention. And her sight is set on that long drawn goal - thinking about steps to be taken to bring it closer.

What's that on the horizon?

Just out of the water, the lady absorbs what she has just seen. She doesnt want to give her away - with less than half her head out of the water.

Her eyes are absolutely magical. And she reflects amazing confidence. and poise. The small drops of water on her forehead makes her simply charismatic.

All in all, the thoughts conveyed by these pictures was simply amazing. Catch up with the complete list here.

Hats off to the photographer who captured these moments. And to the models who essayed the moods perfectly.

The pictures were simply divine. 
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