Enchanting Perfumes

We humans are blessed with five senses. Smell is one of them.

The nose is the human organ responsible for the correct functioning of the sense of smell.

So how do we smell something? How does it work?

The smells themselves consist of vapors of various substances. The smell receptors interact with the molecules of these vapors and transmit the sensations to the brain. (Courtesy this site)

This reveals an important facet of smell. It triggers certain things in your brain which can make you feel many things - good, bad, dirty, clean etc.

Perfumes are something which are designed to exploit this sense and thrill your brain, to make you feel happy, feel good, feel attractive, feel beautiful et all.

One thing that has always intrigued me is the cost of these perfumes. They are highly priced, to say the least.

The high price, with its exclusivity, makes it a difficult proposition to sell a perfume.

Perfume designers take an extra step to make them a sell-able commodity.

The name of the perfume is the second most important factor in its success. The first, of course, is the fragrance itself.

I have always been attracted by these perfume names. And I am supremely impressed by the creativity of the people who go about giving them names.

For example, lets consider "Touch" by Burberry.

Whats special about it? The name itself. 

While the perfume is designed to thrill the sense of smell, the name is elegant enough to send a shudder through the person with a sense of touch.

Sometimes, these perfume names, exploit some basic human emotions.

Like "Envy" by Gucci.

Well, Envy is a feeling of grudging admiration and desire to have something that is possessed by another.

Wearing this fragrance gives you a possible opportunity of becoming the object of someone's desire.

Looks Kill!!

And here is one perfume which helps you in this.

"Spellbound" by Estee Lauder gives you that double edge - enchanting aroma and mesmerizing eyes.

Everyone has a special moment in his life. Sometimes it is frequent while sometimes it is occasional. And we always hope that this special moment extends upto eternity.

Nothing celebrates this spirit better than this perfume - Eternity Moment -  by CK.

We live on oxygen. It powers our live.

But can a perfume do so?

Yes. If you consider the perfume "Fuel For Life" by Diesel.

Addictions are bad. Cravings are not that bad.

If you want someone to get addicted to you, or crave for you, then "Opium" by Yves Saint Laurent can be your choice.

Dressing up makes you feel good. A stylish perfume can be your crowning glory.

"Princess" by Vera Yang gives you that royal touch.

However, to be attractive, feel attractive, you need not be a princess. You can be an enchantress with "Very Irresistible" by Givenchy.

Being an overpoweringly attractive beauty was never so easy.

Humans are eternal learners. Curiosity in stuff makes you a good learner.

But being curious, you usually tread along the path unknown. But being in control while being curious is a strong quality.

Are you "Curious in Control"?

Water - It's the elixir of life.

"Cool Water" by Davidoff gives you that sense of assured composed calm.

Are you single?

If yes, then this perfume is for you.

"Mademoiselle" by Chanel gives you an opportunity to wear your status on yourself.

It's not only the witches who cast a spell.

You can also be that enamoring lady with the fragrance "Enchanting".

Being a killer was never so easy. 

Beware - "Juliet Has A Gun". It gives you that "Don't mess up with me feeling".

There has been a trend of celebrities promoting their own self branded perfumes.

Like Chanel No 5 which was promoted by Nicole Kidman.
She was a critical success factor behind this perfume, with it being launched when she was at the top of her career.

Most of these perfumes don't have a special name. But the name of the celebrity is good enough to make it a success.

Like "Halle" by Halle Berry.

Or "Maria Sharapova" by her namesake.

Most recently, Jennifer Aniston has joined the perfume bandwagon with her perfume "Lolavie".

It was released two days back. And it has been rechristened "Jennifer Aniston".

So there you go.

What's in a name?

There is a lot behind a perfumes name.

Think about it when you see a new one next time.
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