Jealousy streaked through his eyes. 
His eyes gave him away, revealing his  insecurities. After all they are the windows of a man's soul. 
But then, can you see a soul? 
To the best of the my knowledge, it does not have a spatial existence. In such an instance, how useful is a window for something which you cannot see?
But then windows are not only for seeing things. They let in a breath of fresh air. Like the kindness of a person which is displayed with his warm eyes.
Every morning, the rays of the morning sun cut through your bedroom  window driving away the darkness. Like those eyes, which sparkle with hope,  bolstering the hopes of someone which look upto them.

Windows let in the sound - when you are alone. It is this sound which is your companion in such situations. Then again, you must have heard that eyes can speak. And speak loudly and strongly.
A signal with your eyes can convey a strong thought, a warm feeling.

It can express your affection for your beloved.
And your love!!

And red eyes, with a hint of tear, share your anger.
Fear and anxiety, your deepest fears, cannot be hidden by your eyes.

And they usually give away your curiosity. 
They usually help straighten out  things. And cheer you up.

The list is endless.

Eyes. Precious Eyes. 
For others, you are the window to my soul. 
And for me, you are channel to construe this wonderful world.
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