The Kiss After The Cup

The storyline cannot get better than this.

You have a pretty girl friend.

She accompanies you as go about doing your job.

She is not "just another WAG", but a professional doing her duties.

You are the captain of the national football team.

She is considered to be the sexiest television presenter.

Your team is considered as one of the the favorites to win the Cup. And you lose the first game.

She criticizes you in front of the entire nation when you do badly.

You are the man in charge of stopping the goals.

And when you miss stopping one, she is accused of distracting you.

As you take giant steps towards that greatest milestone, she beams with pride.

And when you are crowned the World Champion, she is right there interviewing you as the television show is broadcast right across your victorious nation.

She asks you about your victory.

You beam with pride as you speak about your country's champion status.

You are the nation's hero.

And you are her hero.

She is your love.

You express your love and affection for her by giving her a sweet kiss - right there on live television.

Well, this is the story of the victorious Spanish Football captain Iker Casillas and his beautiful girlfriend Sara Carbonero.

Catch Iker express his love for his lady right below

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